Heavy Duty (Heavy carrying package)

Past to the present strength in the manufacturing industry and heavy transport because of the strength of wood, plastic and metal boxes were used. It is not an alternative package option, the lack of such containers and for many years was the heavy load operating conditions of business. Mypack as our company; green, smart and ergonomic design with the industry, in heavy transport needs wood, plastic and metal casing can easily be used instead of Triple Wall (producing triple wall) parcels. These parcels in many industries; providing protection products are environmentally friendly, low cost and provides the possibility to transport safely. HEAVY DUTY compared to conventional packaging techniques (Heavy Transport) package is 100% recyclable. 70% recycled paper is used in production. Therefore, to be used in wood crates will be prevented by the consumption of forest products. Disposal. Need not to pay the disposal fee paid in wooden crates and on the environment due to incineration will provide two-way gain by enabling avoids losses. In addition, the regional transport of agricultural pests in wood packaging and mold, heat applied due to problems such as bacteria process (ISPM15) standard is eliminated in this package. Others provide heavy transport up to 80% price advantage compared to chest. Cost is not the cost of bringing back for reuse is small. Prior to use folding feature reduces the cause of the stockyards in the minimum floor covering storage costs. Wooden crates compared with up to 70%, especially due to the lightness of air cargo. About, 1 kg = € 1.5  it provides a significant advantage in transport. Packaging is a product of clothes. The value you give your product with an aesthetic reason and the surface of

• Automovie industry
• Aviation industry
• Ship industry
• Medical industry
• Machine industry
• Window industry
• Food industry
• Chemistry industry
• Natural stone industry
• Ceramic/Vitrified Industrial
• White Goods Industry

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